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In the evolving world of consultancy, companies are looking for expertise from independent consultants to create trusted solutions to their problems. Although consultants are their own bosses, they must deal with the same universal challenges to stay in business. After hearing about their most common concerns, the biggest hurdles we found are around finding new engagements and the hassle of time tracking.


To stay in business, you need clients to work on engagements. With independent consulting, the responsibility to manage your own network and have a pipeline of jobs can become very stressful. With the increasingly competitive marketplace and often being kept busy working on engagements, consultants go on their next job search once their latest engagement contract ends. They do not have time to dedicate a few hours near the end of every engagement to find their next project. This creates a loss of potential income, work availability, and creates a constant fear of whether this engagement is their last.


You don’t want to force yourself to work on engagements just for income security. You need the thinking space to ensure this is the right job for you given your skills, experiences, and market rate. Further, when an engagement opportunity presents itself, you want to ensure it aligns with your availability with the company’s needs. The constant back and forth between Hiring Managers and consultants can become a hassle trying to figure out when the engagement can start and finish, resulting in big time gaps between your last and next engagement. These hurdles are hard to mitigate when you must go search for these opportunities yourself.

We listened to these concerns and included Indie Tech’s engagement feature where the pipeline of projects comes to you rather than you having to search for them!

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